Blockchain has a power much beyond what is offered by cryptocurrencies. But it is a complex task to bring the real utility out of the blockchain technology, something that is not fully understood by many. Being one of the pioneers in this field, we help companies to leverage the advantages of blockchain and use the technology in their business to transform them. Our clients focus on their rejuvenated business on the blockchain while we focus on keeping their backend running.


Technology Highlights

From designing high-end blockchain protocols to developing DApps, crypto exchanges and smart contracts, we help businesses leverage the power and utility of blockchain. Platforms and applications built with rich design and UI masking the brute force and power of the technology that is underneath, that is our speciality.


With a combined programming experience of over 30 years and a combined blockchain experience of over 9 years, our team is one of the pioneers in the field of blockchain development. From developing of smart contracts for ICOs to developing crypto exchanges and white labels, our team has progressed to the high end of blockchain technology by designing architecture and protocols for new blockchain projects.

We are always on the lookout for new and exciting projects and are one of the few teams out there who love new and challenging work. 'Bring it On!' is what our team says as we look ahead into the blockchain revolution.

Parthasarathy Ramanujam
Co-founder & CTO
Sooriya Soni
Karthik S
Business Development Manager
Vikas Kad
Senior Developer
Vignesh Aravamudhan
Vickneshwaran V
Server Architect




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