Would you like your PAMM to manage thousands of slave accounts

and keep the execution time down at a few seconds?

Yes, that’s what Tradala enables you to do, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We’ve been in the industry for quite long and we know that are plenty of PAMM solutions to choose from. Many of them are excellent products, but we’ve invariably noticed that there are significant gaps between what the brokerages need and what the PAMM solutions offer.

We, at Tradala, are here to fill those gaps, and provide brokerages, fund managers and investors a comprehensive PAMM solution that does everything each stakeholder needs.

Works for Brokerages. Works for Fund Managers.

Brokerages, fund managers and investors cannot be treated as islands working with isolated systems of their own. For a PAMM solution to work at its best, the system has to treat them all as a cohesive unit, working in tandem.

Tradala’s PAMM provides plenty of features and options for each stakeholder, yet keeping the process tightly connected and seamless.

So, what does Tradala’s PAMM have for my...


Battle-tested, fastest PAMM, of course (0.12 seconds per investor account)

Multiple trading methods (live trading, copy trading, etc.) that you won’t find elsewhere

First of its kind reopen/restore function to handle trades affected by any server downtime

Complete backend automation

Plug-and-play integration with existing CRM

Option to share full vs only-P/L trade data with investors (ideal for white labels, no need of admin access)

Real time slave account management

Built-in IB profit share and rank share system

MQ approved trading methods, hence works with all liquidity providers

Multi-lingual support

Money Managers

Reliability, speed and precise trade execution

Accurate trade distribution and profit/loss allocation

Profit distribution based on high water mark

Complete control over trades and allocation methods

View balance and details of investors, to assist in planning promotions and follow-ups

Ability to approve attachment/detachment of investors


Real time tracking on profit/loss, sub-trades and trade history

Withdraw/deposit at any time

Track balance, equity and account growth

Choose Money Managers based on their performance, account growth, etc.

Economic on All Counts

If you’re concerned about the PAMM having a load impact on the MT4 server, stop worrying. Our PAMM software sits on a different server and the interface is kept to minimum, so there would be no load impact on the MT4 server.

We’ve also removed any need for installation or MT4 server level customizations, making it ideal for white labels.

Ready to Use

Waste no time in setting up our PAMM. We have two options for integrating the PAMM with your existing process.

  • GUI integration – if you want to just plug-and-play.
  • API integration – if you want to customize the PAMM for your existing management system.

What’s in the Box?

Our PAMM is made up of 3 components which work seamlessly with each other.

Still have questions? Shoot us an email at support@tradala.tech and we’ll be happy to answer them all.
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