Case Study: Cyber Features

The focus of our company has always been to serve our clients to the best of our ability. We believe that our clients are the real boss of our company and we have ensured that each employee in our company is well aware of this. This is why we always try and bend over backwards in trying to fulfill the needs of our clients.

One of our clients, named CyberFutures, approached us and came up with a request for a social trading plugin with a twist. Instead of the investors choosing to join specific traders, they wanted to make this choice themselves. In other words, the admin would choose which investor would join which trader and would also choose the multiplier factor as well. This presents 2 challenges as compared to the normal PAMM/MAMM. First is that unlike normal PAMM, here an investor can join multiple masters of traders. This is a kind of many to many relationship as many investors can follow multiple traders at the same time.

The second challenge is that the introduction of the multiple factor wherein the admin would decide the size of the trade that the investor would copy. So, if the multiplier factor is set as 2, then it would mean that if the trader puts in a 1 lot trade, it would get copied as 2 lots in the investor account. Despite these 2 challenges before us, we took it up and manage to come up with a social trading software, with just manager access, for this client within a matter of couple of weeks.

The client was overjoyed and is now one of our best clients as he spread the word and helped us to gain further clients as well. This social trading software has been expanded to include MT5 as well and is now being used by many clients and brokers. This is also one of the reasons why we love to serve our clients. You never know what ideas they could throw at you and it is a delight to change these challenging ideas into real life products.

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